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We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom made furniture and cabinetry. Alur Natura has focussed on customer service to fulfill all our clients' requirements since we began in 2000. Our clients include designers, consultants, architects, commercial contractors, developers and residential owners. Our service provides an array of experienced, professional, skilled craftsman and staff.

About Alur Natura


Alur Natura guarantees to the original purchaser that our product will be constructed with good quality, selected materials, fittings, hardware and finished with skilled workmanship.

Any part of the product which has been proven as inferior, to our satisfaction, will be repaired or replaced at Alur Natura’s option for period of 12 months from the delivery/purchase date.

Alur Natura reserves the right to change specifications in design and material or provide alternative design options which may be suggested to save time or to be in keeping with our policy of continual product improvement. There is no obligation to retrofit items that Alur Natura has previously manufactured.

This warranty based under normal use and will not apply if our product is damaged by misuse, neglect, exposure to moisture, alteration, improper installation, exposure to extreme temperature, sunlight, smoke, household cleaner and other environmental conditions that may affect the color over time, improper storage or handling, product performance problems due to poor design by client or third party and natural disaster.


We are on hand to answer any questions. We will assist with design and customize to fit your requirements.

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